Definition of Neuron

Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEM education. It contains over 30 kinds of blocks with different functions, so creators can build a variety of innovative gadgets. Combined with intuitive Flow-Based Programming, Neuron enables creators of all programming levels to turn unlimited ideas into reality.

Neuron Highlights

Plug & Play

Neuron gadgets can be software independent. You can play Neuron gadgets with/without software namely in online/offline mode. In offline mode, you can build a gadget to activate a servo operation using Ultrasonic Sensor. In online mode, combined with our Neuron App, a gadget can be programmed to have complicated action sequences for servo operation and control its movement remotely. There are infinite ways to Plug & Play!

Flow-based Programming

The easy-to-use Flow-Based Programming in Neuron App software enables advanced features, like IoT and Microsoft Cognitive Services, with just a few touch.

mBlock supported

Neuron gadgets can be controlled and/or programmed using mBlock & Neuron App.


All blocks can be compatible with the mechanical parts of Makeblock and LEGO® bricks via Neuron board.

Idea Cards

In order to get started with Neuron, each kit equips several Idea Cards to provide you with some ideas and the corresponding instructions.

Open SDK

Neuron protocol and library are open-source materials. Everyone is encouraged to be a developer and share their ideas with the others.

Makeblock Creative Cloud

With Makeblock Creative Cloud, you and your family/friends can easily control your home Neuron gadgets via Internet.

Pogo Pin

Thanks to its simple and precise connection, Neuron blocks are more durable. More information about Pogo Pin can be referred to here.

Magnetic Design

The magnetic design at the back of Neuron blocks facilitates educators to demonstrate lab work and teach in front of their students.

Introduction of Neuron Blocks

Check out all our Neuron blocks! You would also be impressed by our specialized blocks with unique function.

* The iconunique marks our unique blocks. *

Energy & Communication Blocks


Power supply

Wireless Receiver

Receive data via wireless for short distance

Wireless Transmitter

Transmit data via wireless for short distance


Establish wireless con- nection between blocks and Neuron APP


Supply Wireless network, transfer USB data, supply power via USB, Wi-Fi STA/AP/STA+AP

Control Blocks


Push joystick in different directions to control movement direction

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition to contol light, sounds, or move- ment


Adjust working status of certain functions, like the brightness of LEDs


Trigger an assigned func- tion

Funny Touch

Four-channel touch switch

Input Blocks


Take photos, Record videos (supported LAN connection for videos only at this stage)

Light Sensor

Detect working light inten- sity of surrounding environment

Line Follower Sensor

Track black lines with white background, or black lines on white back- grounds

PIR Sensor

Detect heat energy change when human or animals approach the sensor

Gyro Sensor

Take photos, Record videos (supported LAN connection for videos only at this stage)

Sound Sensor

Detect sound intensity of working environment

Humiture Sensor

Measure temperature and humidity of working environment

Color Sensor

Recogonize different colors

Ultrasonic Sensor

Detect an object and measure its proximity

Temperature Seneor

Measure temperature

Soil Moisture Sensor

Measure soil humidity

Color Sensor

Recogonize different colors

Output Blocks

Dual DC Motor Driver+ DC Motor & Water Pump

Drive two DC motors or water pumps simultane- ously

LED Panel

Contains 64 RGB LEDs, enables different lighting effects & Emojis via pro- gramming

Mic & Speaker

Record and play audio, compatible with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Dual Servo Driver +Servo

Drive two servos simulta- neously

LED Strip Driver +LED Strip

Take photos, Record videos (supported LAN connection for videos only at this stage)


Light Color & brightness changeable


Make a signaling noise


Display message, like text, Emojis, etc


Dual DC Motor Driver+ DC Motor & Water Pump

Emit infrared laser beam

Plastic Timing Pulley 62T

Made of plastic

Magnet Wire

Provide a more flexible way to connect blocks, available with 10 cm and 20 cm long

Slick Tyre(42x9.5mm)

Compatible with Plastic Timing Pulley 62T as a car wheel

USB Cable

Connect unique blocks, provide powder, connect data, available with 20 cm and 100 cm long

Motor Bracket Pack

Work with the DC motor, attach wheels, mechani- cal parts of Makeblock Platform, Lego® blocks, and other materials to the DC motor

Neuron Board

Snap Neuron blocks to the Mechanical Parts of Makeblock, snap Neuron blocks to LEGO® bricks

Mini Caster Wheel

Made of black nylon material, facilitate 360o movement for a light-loaded robotic car

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